Keeping utility costs under control

Utility costs, both as a pass-through expense and a directly incurred expense, are a significant element in your occupancy cost.

Of course, there are consultants who specialize in utility optimization engineering - especially for electrical - who can assess your existing consumption profile and propose alternatives to lower your costs, improve your carbon footprint, or address any other corporate goals related to your use of power and resources. Occupi services addresses a different need: where your interests and the interests of the shopping center and common areas intersect. 

Occupi utility optimization services examines electric, water, trash, and other utility billings from the landlord. Is it more efficient and cost effective if the landlord incurs the expense and passes it through, or if you get billed directly? Are you or the landlord using the most favorable plans from the utility company? Is the center being charged for sewer based on all its metered use of water, even though a lot of that use is for irrigation?

When tenant consumption of utilities is rolled into CAM, we look at the mix of tenants and their typical consumption profiles. We look at how utility charges are passed through to tenants, to be sure that you are not paying a lot more than your consumption would indicate.  

Audit Resources has been looking at these expenses for years, getting a feel for what common utility expenses should cost in various regions of the country. By engaging Occupi services, you can focus that experienced eye on each of your properties to make sure you're getting the best value possible. And it can mean significant savings over the life of your lease.