These - partnership, attention to detail, respectful persistence, and experience - are the four pillars of Audit Resources' business philosophy upon which Occupi services are built. They are worth some elaboration:


You have business goals and a way of going about your business that are unique. Everyone in your organization is onboard. Ideally, everyone is "rowing toward the same set of goals, pulling in unison as part of the same corporate culture.

We see one of our primary responsibilities as your business partner is to "fit in." We may be bringing entirely new capabilities or simply enhancing and deepening the capabilities you already have, but we know when you invite us on board to help you, we need to grab an oar, as it were, and start pulling in cadence with everyone else

Partnering with Occupi services means we're

  • Guarding your interests- focusing on and unwaveringly pursuing your business interests

  • Respecting landlord relations - always mindful of the importance of good tenant-landlord relations

  • Acting with Professionalism - representing your company with dignity, integrity and competence

  • Working within your system - integrating with your accounting and records processes as seamlessly as possible.

Attention to detail

The chances are you are staffed to handle the standard, day-to-day demands of your business well, with enough wiggle room to handle the inevitable "fire drill" of temporary surges in demand.

Auditing of lease expenses isn't something you undertake all the time. You look at each property periodically to make sure the terms of the lease are being applied correctly, and expect that whatever corrections you uncover will be applied in subsequent years, and that for at least a few years no new problems will arise.

But when done right, auditing is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time - time that your staff may not have, given their immediate responsibilities. With Occupi services on your team, we can take all the time we need to

  • Find supporting language in your lease, sometimes in obscure corners of the contract and relating it to case law

  • Pour over documents, including scrutinizing invoices, G/Ls, service contracts for inconspicuous errors for recovery and buried opportunities for future savings

  • Communicate with everyone involvedfrom the Landlord and property management personnel and contractors to your corporate and onsite personnel and your maintenance contractors

  • Tap into online mediaresearching every possible resource among public records and the World Wide Web

Respectful Persistence

Landlords have legitimate business interests that can sometimes conflict with their tenants' interests. Audits - or even simple desktop reviews of expenses - impose demands on their time for which they get no additional remuneration. Given that, it is understandable that many landlords are less than enthusiastic about being challenged.

But it is your right to look into how they are managing and maintaining the common area on your behalf. That's right: technically, they are working for you. The Landlord might own the property but the tenants, by virtue of their lease, "own" the maintenance of the common area (and their building in some cases). Your lease might entrust the operation of the common area to the ownership (which makes sense, because a well-maintained shopping center or office building is in their business interest as well as yours), but you and fellow tenants are paying the bills. They have a fiduciary responsibility to not only perform this function well, but to do it honestly and as cost-effectively as possible, and to pass through only those charges supported by your lease.

Most landlords take good client service seriously and see the burden of responding to Tenant requests for information and challenges to CAM charges as the cost of doing business, and try to be as cooperative as possible. Some may want to be more responsive, but may be short staffed and "too busy" to respond as quickly as we would like. And then there are those who fight the process every step of the way.

When you have Occupi services working for you, we have the patience and persistence to work respectfully but resolutely with every type of landlord, when the demands on your time and schedule would otherwise not allow it.

On your behalf, we can

  • Overcome resistance to audit while remaining sensitive to your relationship with the landlord; we won't let their delays (intentional or unintentional) and roadblocks stop the process

  • Persevere the silent treatment - when landlords' property management staff is too busy or simply uncooperative, silence is often their favored defense against tenant inquiries; we won't take no-word for an answer

  • Make your case - it's understandable that landlords will not always see things your way, and will often make one argument after another against claims; we will fight for your lease-defined rights - but we compromise, too, when necessary and appropriate (and you agree)


We've been doing this a long time. There is hardly a lease term or a landlord strategy we haven't seen. We've fought many a battle on our clients' behalf - and won most of them.

We feel as much pride when a landlord writes our client to say Audit Resources was "great to work with" as we do when our clients say, "past auditors weren't able to find and recover nearly as much as you have."

When you engage Occupi services, you are bringing senior-level experience and professionalism to your staff - without adding to your payroll cost.

We think you'll agree, Occupi services makes a lot of business sense.




The Occupi services commitment

  • We aspire at all times for excellence

  • Our work is thorough and accurate, ensuring that you are being charged according to the terms of your lease

  • We always represent your company with the utmost integrity  and professionalism

  • We are always sensitive to your relationship with landlords

  • We work toward prompt recovery of over payments, but also to reduce future costs

  • We always protect the confidentiality of your lease agreements and any other tenant-landlord agreements


With Occupi  services, you can harness Audit Resources' expertise in CAM auditing and expense analysis and consulting to the benefit of your business goals, your bottom line.

At the same time, we understand that it can be unnerving to bring an outside company into the culture and workings of your organization. Might it not be disruptive? Confusing? ,

That's why we approach each client's occupancy cost challenges in a unique way: your way.

Of course, Occupi services has well-honed processes for conducting audits, analyzing insurance and tax records, distilling Lease language into its operative essence. But every one of our auditors and staff makes your corporate culture and operating principles fundamental to how he or she conducts business on your behalf.

How do you manage your lease-related data and documents? We'll conform our material gathering and progress reporting to work with it.

What is the tenor of your relationships with landlords? We will mirror that approach so, to the landlord, we are indistinguishable from your own staff.

The Occupi services approach is one of

  • Partnership - we bring the same mindset to our work as your own staff does - attentive to your bottom line, respectful of your relationship with landlords

  • Attention to detail - we leave no stone unturned in examining the Lease, CAM reconciliations, and other expense documents, and site characteristics

  • Respectful Persistence - we keep after landlords courteously and respectfully, no matter what obstacles or delays they may put in our way

  • Experience - Audit Resources LLC partners bring over 50 years of auditing and occupancy expense analysis to bear to understand where to dig and how to get results