Getting a Favorable Lease

While Occupi auditing and recovery services can help you restore to your bottom line a lot of money that landlords collected from you contrary to the terms of your leases and  save you considerably in future lease costs, there is little doubt that a well-crafted lease that unambiguously protects your interests is far and away the most effective way to save retail tenants money on the lease-based occupancy costs.

When it comes to the pitfalls of lease agreements, we've just about seen it all. Every lease term that open doors to extra-rent revenue streams for landlords. Every hedge owners write into the lease to thwart tenants from looking at the books, to fully see how their money is being spent. Every subtle ambiguity that some landlords will use to offload ownership-benefiting costs onto tenants.

Although Occupi services do not include direct representation in lease negotiations (although we do have an affiliate legal company who can), we can review the drafts of your attorneys and help you craft a standard lease that clearly and unambiguously articulates terms that protect your interest in limiting additional-rent costs and set sharp boundaries between landlord expenses and pass-through costs. Or help you modify language in your landlord's lease to the same effect.

A sound lease will not only help avert creeping CAM costs from year to year and ownership to ownership, it will make it far less likely you will have to get into battles with the landlord about overcharges in the future. As a good relationship is valued by both tenant and landlord, a good lease is a benefit to both.

Occupi lease consulting service can help make that happen.