Excess Cost Recovery

Occupi services can provide CAM, Tax, and insurance auditing, concluding with an audit report detailing all the overcharges uncovered, along with well-reasoned and articulated explanation tying these claims to specific language in the Lease.

But often the most time-consuming aspect of recovering those overcharges can be the back-and-forth argument and counter-arguments with a landlord who is reluctant to give up on their position and take a hit to their bottom line. If you engage Occupi recovery service, we can undertake these sometimes difficult and lengthy negotiations on your behalf, bringing to bear our decades of experience successfully reaching agreements, even with the most difficult of landlords.

Of course, we would keep you informed of progress at every step and agree to nothing that hasn't met with your approval. And it must be said that there will be times when a landlord will not accept any agreement except coming directly from you - in which case you would need to become involved. But we can provide the arguments and even write your responses for you so that the impact on your time is minimal.

Whatever the case, Occupi recovery service can save you and your staff a lot of time and bring recoveries and future savings that you might otherwise never have the resources to pursue.